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Gerente de Marketing - Sudamérica China

Work location: Mainland China at the outset, after training the candidate will have the opportunity to work in South America

The main focus of the position will be on marketing food additive products in Brazil and throughout Latin America. A secondary task will be to investigate food/commodity related import & export opportunities in the Americas and Europe. Occasionally assistance may be needed in our divisions in Thailand, Europe and the US. As the employee matures into the position, the person may be given sales responsibilities.

Main task:
To drive the selection and development of new agricultural products and oversee the analysis of current trends and market factors to forecast the success of new merchandise in other markets.

To lead product positioning and pricing to capitalize on opportunities meaning….
1 producing strategic positioning recommendations by analyzing trends, weather/seasons and economic conditions.
2 traveling with members of our upper management throughout the globe to investigate sales and purchasing opportunities and to negotiate terms.

1 A native of either Argentina or Brazil
2 A fluent English speaker with writing skills of less importance
3 Work Experience - previously/currently employed in a marketing or sales capacity special attention will be paid to those with experience in China or Asia
4 Must have intimate knowledge of the chemical, food and/or animal feed markets with extensive experience either Brazil preferred or Argentina and to a lesser extent South America or other locations namely North America and Europe.
5 Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable university no online degrees of any kind

What is not required
The ability to speak Mandarin although that would be great if the candidate did.

Empresa: BBCA Group Corp.
Localidad: República Popular de China (Buenos Aires)
Sector: Agropecuaria,Alimentos,Marketing
Profesiones relacionadas: Marketing-Ventas,Marketing-Sales
Tipo de contrato: Indefinido, Jornada Completa
Experiencia mínima: 5 años
Fecha de publicación: Más de 60 días
Salario: No especificado

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